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An organisation’s competitiveness is increasingly conditioned by its ability to respond quickly to market developments. This responsiveness requires organisations to be both flexible and innovative. Staff members play a crucial role in this and hence the development and use of their skills is absolutely necessary for an organisation to achieve its goals.

That's why we developed 'The Right Profile', our assessment service.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is an evaluation program for candidates and/or for employees that aims to assess their skills and estimate their potential. Each assessment differs according to the functions for which the person applies, and consist of several tests, simulations, interactive exercises, role plays and behavioural interviews. Intelligence and personality tests can also be done during an assessment.

Together, the results of these tests, exercises and interviews provide a comprehensive picture of a candidate's skills, attitude and potential.

Why an assessment?

Having a dynamic staffing policy becomes crucial for organisations in order to put the right person in the right place at the right time.

To assess employees and future employees, it is important for an organisation to know exactly what their skill needs are for each position. This knowledge makes the process of evaluating employees and future employees both objectively measurable and exploitable in the development of the HR.

When to use 'The Right Profile' assessment?

'The Right Profile' assessment team is made up of experienced HR specialists who can help companies identify the required competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) for a position, and assess candidates in all types of procedures:

  • Recruitment (for both internal and external candidates)
  • Internal mobility
  • Personal development

How do we proceed?

'The Right Profile' assessment program:

1. Intake

This is a conversation between our client (HR + Line management) and one of our assessment specialists (Lead Assessor). During that discussion, the client’s needs are carefully analysed, and the most important skills are defined. These will be examined during the assessment. The organisation and its corporate culture are also discussed during this conversation.

2. Planning

After the intake, the Lead Assessor develops a tailor-made assessment program. Different tests and exercises are possible according to the client’s needs:

  • Reasoning ability testing (general, numerical, verbal)
  • Social skill testing (negotiation, sales, leadership)
  • Planning and organisation testing
  • Cognitive skill tests such as: MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), language skills, accounting, interpretation of tables and graphs...
  • Personality questionnaires (based on the “Big 5” dimensions of a personality)
  • Motivation, values and professional orientation (performance motivation, professional values)
  • Interactive exercises
    • In basket (mailbox), presentation exercises (prioritizing, learning ability, insight, analytical ability, vision, strategic thinking, presentation skills)
    • Group assessment exercises (collaboration, participant’s team role, management style of the participants, participants’ interaction with each other)
    • Role play (leadership, commercial)

3. The assessment center

  • Each candidate is invited by the Lead Assessor to the Assessment Centre that will take place either in a Profile Group office (Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, Nivelles) or at the client’s offices.
  • An assessment takes at least 4 hours and in most cases 1 full day. Some tests can be done online in advance.
  • The Lead Assessor is always accompanied by a Co-Assessor who is there in the capacity of an observer and evaluator of the knowledge, skills and attitude of a candidate.
  • In addition to the tests and exercises, an individual interview will complete the assessment.
  • The test results are objectively evaluated: individual scores are compared with representative reference groups, based on the education level. Candidates who participate in the same (group) assessment process are never compared to each other but to the organisation’s needs. Therefore, the candidates we assess are invited to collaborate as colleagues would do, rather than competing.
  • In order to obtain the most accurate and objective result possible, at least 2 tests / exercises are used for each skill.

4. Analysis, assessment and reporting

  • The Lead Assessor is always in a position to give a first telephone feedback to the client at the end of the assessment day.
  • The written report is sent within 2 working days of the assessment.
  • The individual assessment report provides an accurate overview of the test results and exercises, and contains clear suitability advice, including an explanation of the positive, attention and improvement points of the candidate.
  • We give feedback to the candidate, in the way that suits the clients. During the evaluation day, we inform the candidate about when and how this feedback will be communicated. In any case, each candidate will be contacted by phone by the Lead Assessor who will give an extensive report, with constructive comments.


Coaching & Training

Internal changes

Job promotions

Why choose 'The Right Profile' for your assessments?

Because the assessment program, developed by a member of 'The Right Profile' team, is always personalized according to the client’s needs and the candidate’s skills which need to be analysed.

Because the assessment can be conducted in Dutch, English or French.

Because the report can be written in Dutch, English or French.

Because two assessors will be involved in each assessment: The Lead Assessor and the Co-Assessor.

Because every assessor of ‘The Right Profile’ team is an experienced HR specialist, with in-depth knowledge of assessment methods, interview techniques and skills evaluation.

Because the written report is delivered within 2 business days of the assessment.

Because the report is clear, accurate and constructive.

Want to know more?

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Hans Verheij
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