The full recruitment & selection service

Searching and convincing top talent to join your team

A partnership to win over talent

Profile Group has been advising and helping companies find and recruit the right talent for over 30 years. But things have changed dramatically and the major question is now “how does a company get chosen by their preferred candidate”

Our focus is to help you optimize every part of the recruitment process (from your side and ours!) to ensure that you have full access to the whole candidate market (active and passive) and are in a position to generate interest and desire to join your organisation. We are there to help, advise and work on your behalf approaching candidates with real interest and a dialogue to match their career aspirations with your company and the role profile. We guarantee a quality service that helps your company manage a high level recruitment process and get chosen.

Our consultants are all experienced, engaged to produce results but also constantly trained to upgrade their skills to adapt to market conditions. From our offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege and Nivelles, we match dozens of companies with the best candidates every day.

Our added value

  • A ‘multi-market’ approach: simultaneously we launch a complete recruitment campaign on the active market, kick off a search campaign on the passive market and go through our own extensive candidate database
  • Best response rate thanks to the close monitoring of key KPIs across our job postings
  • Optimised media spent: thanks to the on-going analysis of the source of each candidate we obtain.
  • Complete transparency as you have full access to our recruitment management platform – you can see at any time where we stand for each recruitment
  • Fast recruitment thanks to our unique candidate acquisition strategy – we ensure you meet candidates within 2 to 5 weeks
  • Respect for all the candidates as our online tool and methodology enables us to provide a fast and friendly feedback to each candidate and at each step of the recruitment process so your company keeps its positive image
  • Result based fee as you pay only after you have recruited a candidate selected by Profile Group
  • Flexible fee structure by phase
  • Full warranty as, in the case the candidate does not fulfil all the requirements or leaves within 6 months, we will start again a new recruitment process.