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Why hire? vs Why join?

10 Tips to convince talent #1

Tip#1: Why hire? vs Why join?

A new reality. As recruiters, you know by now that we are in a ‘candidate driven’ market. There is a huge shortage of job seekers primarily due to long-term demographic trends. In a report earlier this month, the Centre for Global Development said there will be 95 million fewer working-age people in Europe in 2050 than in 2015, and that neither automation nor increasing the participation of women or older workers in the labour force will close the gap. It is critical to realise today that companies will have to fight to win over the best talent. Also it is clear that people have new aspirations and they will only invest into a project that matters to them. 

Employer branding has become a key trend where companies start investing in proper communication towards candidates in order to reflect an attractive company culture and a fancy working environment. But even that might become a thing of the past…. Just words in nicely done videos are not sufficient. What candidates want to see is a real and tangible value proposition. 

Everything starts with the recruitment experience you will deliver. Every step in the way will matter in proving that you really mean business. How a candidate is treated in your recruitment process is the best investment you can make today. The more time and effort you will put into creating an attractive process will prove that the role to fill is critical, that the people do matter in your organisation and that you really value each candidate. 

And even more important is your value proposition.   

  • Think about the job description, is it clear and attractive? Think hard about the required skills and separate the must vs the nice to have. Also compare your expectations with the salary you offer. 
  • Go beyond the role – what matters to people is the competitiveness of the salary package (use comparative tools and show the figures), the potential evolution in the business, the training opportunities. Think about 
  • Create an attractive ‘why join’ demonstration – your website is key but also think about using your current loyal employees who are your best ambassadors
  • Work hard on how you will run the interviews – always prepare and prepare, involve other people but ensure you are all aligned regarding the role, chose the most inspiring people in your organisation
  • Follow up fast – lost time is a lost candidate
  • Set up a solid on-boarding process for your new recruits – a simple on-boarding plan should be ready for each team and can be re-used for every new employee. Ensure your on-boarding goes beyond the desk, computer, email address, badge and car. People should be properly explained what they are expected to deliver but they should also meet the key people outside their team to feel properly welcomed. Also ensure your people are informed! It’s all about the people as always…
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