At Profile Group Humans are more than a resource!

Looking for the next step in your career

It can be a life changing decision that you need to get right!

When you apply for a position with a Profile Group client you will get to meet one of our recruitment experts.

Our experts are there to have a dialogue with you in order to:

  • Listen and understand your objectives
  • Give you some expert feedback regarding the job market perspectives
  • Feedback on how you approach job interviews
  • Create some pragmatic and clear steps to help you optimise this
  • Guide you through the job application process
  • Support you right through to the salary negotiation and signature of a contract

Changing jobs is not easy, we understand that loyalty to your current employer is totally normal and we will also support you through the process of giving in your notice in a professional and respectful manner.

We don’t stop there, once you have started your new job we will meet with you after 3 and 6 months to check that the onboarding has gone well and that you are happy and motivated in your new position. We will also value your opinion and will ask for feedback on the service you received. 99% of the people we find jobs for stay on after the first 6 months.

They were right to trust us

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