Talent Assessment

Our proven in-depth approach to identify and retain talent

Our methodology: The Right Profile

Having a dynamic staffing policy becomes crucial for organisations in order to put the right person in the right place at the right time. That is why we developed our methodology: the ‘Right Profile’.

Role Profiling

To assess employees and future employees, it is important for an organisation to know exactly what are the required competences (knowledge, hard and soft skills) for each position. This ‘Role Profiling’ will make the process of evaluating employees and future employees both objectively measurable and exploitable in the development of your human resources.

Candidate profiling

After each position has been ‘profiled’, we assess either candidates and/or employees to identify their competences and to estimate their potential for the specific role. Each assessment consists of several tests, simulations, interactive exercises, role plays and behavioural interviews.

Employee development profiling

Talent is rare and when you want to keep it, it is important to help that person flourish in your organisation. We can help identify the improvement areas and also create a development plan with the individual and its manager.

Our added value

  • Always tailor-made to your needs
  • In the language of your choice (Dutch, English or French)
  • Carried out by 2 highly experienced Assessors at your service
  • With in-depth know-how in assessment tools, interview techniques and skills evaluation
  • The most comprehensive assessment covering the Reasoning ability (general, numerical, verbal), Social skills (negotiation, sales, leadership), Planning and organisational skills, Cognitive skills, Language and digital skills, Personality (based on the ‘Big 5’ dimensions of a personality), Key drivers and motivations (performance drivers, professional values), Presentation skills, learning, analytical and strategic capabilities, interpersonal skills and, whenever relevant, management style and leadership skills
  • Always including at least 2 tests for each required skill to guarantee a more accurate and objective evaluation.
  • A contextualised assessment as the test results are always compared with representative reference groups and always against the ‘Role Profile’
  • A very comprehensive report within 2 days
  • Constructive feedback given to all candidates
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