Externalized recruitment​ solutions

to search and convince top talent to join your team

Two solutions, two search strategies

Depending on the company and role, finding candidates can be more or less difficult. That is why we offer 2 different approaches:

  • Talent active where we take care of the recruitment marketing and publish your job ad on the job boards. Our role is to ensure your job ad is highly visible, the right job boards are used, the communication to the candidates is powerful and efficient so you can concentrate on selecting & convincing your top talent.
  • Talent total where we do a very complete and exclusive search in the totality of the candidate market. In more and more cases, it is key to cover at the same time the active market, the passive market, the universities & alumni organisations as well as other relevant networks. This ‘total search’ dramatically increases your chances to find the right talent. You also take no risk as we progress and charge step by step: first step we present a market report, then we present a shortlist of candidates to finally progress into the final selection and recruitment.

The benefits of Talent total

  • A deeper engagement of our expert with full guarantee.
  • A close collaboration to build and communicate your EVP towards candidates
  • A thorough search on the passive market to bring more candidates.
  • A real proximity to the business to better understand the needs and optimise the recruitment process, an essential aspect to be able to be chosen by candidates.

Experts at headhunting candidates

  1. Expert in LinkedIn recruiter tool : identify potential candidates
  2. List building & feedback : build a targeted list based on multiple criteria & evaluate to adapt
  3. In-mails & focus on reply rate : In mail optimisation to improve the reply rate
  4. Powerful dialogues in screening calls : expertise in creating a strong EVP and communicating in a powerful way
  5. On going strategy adaptation : Access to data, transparent dialogue how to improve KPIs

Our added value

  • Best response rate thanks to the close monitoring of key KPIs
  • Optimised media spent: thanks to the on-going analysis of our sourcing approach. 
  • Fast results - you meet candidates within 2 to 5 weeks 
  • Respect for all the candidates - each candidate gets a fast reply 
  • Transparent communication  - access to your dashboard
  • Result based fee - you only pay for agreed results
  • Full guarantee - 6 months after signature

Who is partnering with us?

Luuk Zonneveld
Chair of the Board of Directors - EDFI

Why do you like to work with us? I highly appreciate the personal commitment of the Profile Group (PG) expert, Hans, I worked with. He pro-actively contacted me regularly to ensure the efficient and successful recruitment procedure, he kept in contact with the long- and short-listed candidates and was helpful in discussing candidates’ suitability for the function in question. What were the recruitment challenges you, as head of the recruitment committee, had for the search for the new General Manager for EDFI? The job profile for the function was very specific, it was not like recruiting for a generalized function like teacher or bookkeeper, making it challenging to recruit and assess applicants. How has PROFILE GROUP answered these challenges? PG/Hans submitted a diverse initial long list to us. Because of our feedback PG/Hans gained better insight in the exact candidate profile we were looking for, which helped PG in its recruiting and initial assessment. What was it like to work with Hans in the search for the General Manager? Relaxed and informal in the best sense of these words. I could call him whenever I wanted, and he was almost always available. The informal character of the cooperation made it easy to quickly get to the point, talk frankly and progress well. What appeals to you in PROFILE GROUP’s service? It’s no-nonsense approach, efficiency, and quality. Why would you recommend Profile Group/Hans as Executive Search partner? Because such searches are always more complex in terms of profile sought and delicacy of process, and Hans is an excellent partner with the necessary capacity to listen to me as a client, patience, discretion, and tact.

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