Talent boost

The fully serviced recruitment campaign

An exclusive service including the optimisation of your job ad, the publication on all job sites as well as the free access to our recruitment software (ATS) to easily manage all the applications and engage with top talents. 

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target audience for personal branding

Talent boost: get more talent for less effort

We do the work. 😉

Saved time

Your recruitment campaign in one brief

Optimised job ad

Maximum online visibility

Best in class reply rate

Posting costs reduced by 25%

Online recruitment campaigns work!

of employees are open to new opportunities

of employees are active jobseekers

visits on all Belgian job boards each month

Sources: Talent Board, 2022 – Stepstone, 2023

Talent boost ads are recognised as best in class by Stepstone

Stesptone closely follows up job ad performance on their platform on a quarterly basis. They also compare the performance of our Talent boost campaigns versus staffing competition. We are proud to say that our campaigns have been performing better than competition four quarters in a row.

Talent boost in 5 easy steps

Step 1

Qualitative intake

As with a traditional recruitment assignment, we take the time to find out exactly what position and profile you’re looking for.

We also focus on co-constructing your value proposition to candidates so they understand why they should apply.

target audience for personal branding
target audience for personal branding

Step 2

Creation of a powerful job ad

On the basis of our discussions, our marketing team drafts a job advertisement that respects both your tone of voice and the expectations of your target candidates.

To maximize its visibility, we optimize the ad according to the rules of SEO.

Step 3

Publication of the job ad on all job boards

We publish your job offer on all Belgian job boards, giving it maximum visibility at a preferential rate.

target audience for personal branding
target audience for personal branding

Step 4

Access & training for our ATS Talentfinder

You receive all CVs in a convenient tool that lets you screen, manage and talk to candidates.

Step 5

Follow-up & recommendations

We follow the reply rate, the conversion rate and adapt if necessary.

target audience for personal branding

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