Employee Value Proposition

Convince today’s talents

In the journey to get chosen, your Employee Value Proposition will be fundamental. That is why we set up a team of experts and a methodology to help you formulate or improve your current EVP.

What is an EVP?

An EVP is the value created by the employer that is perceived by the employees in exchange for their work. Ideally your EVP should be strong enough to differentiate vs other companies. The key questions to answer are:

  • how do you answer the needs of today's talents
  • what make people choose your company over your competitors
  • how do you evaluate this value and its perception
  • how do you communicate to candidates, managers, employees and the outside world

What is our approach?

We adhere to 2 key principles

  • flexibility: we adapt our approach to your company’s setup, objectives & challenges
  • authenticity: we do not create an EVP from scratch, everything is based on candidate or employee’s insights

Here is our methodology

  • 1

    Set expectations

    • Context & objectives
    • Deliverables
    • Team
    • Deadlines
    • Budget
  • 2

    Gather insights

    • Existing: employee surveys, current communication
    • Online surveys
    • Competitive review
  • 3

    Create your EVP

    • Strong assets
    • Compare with competition & talent needs
    • Develop content
    • Articulate: theme & pillars
  • 4

    EVP workshop & finalisation

    • Involve
    • Get inputs
    • Motivate & engage
    • Finalise the EVP
    • Get approval
  • 5

    Communicate in recruitment channels

    • Job site & candidate experience
    • Job ads
    • Recruitment process