Katrien Tordeur
HR Director Benelux - Papyrus

“Profile Group was the best thing that could have happened to us at that time.”


We were looking for the right skills and personality for our small organisation

Papyrus was looking for the right Marketing Manager to fit into our company culture. We were looking for a strong profile with experience in Marketing and Communication, but without too much ambition. After all, our organisation is too small to really grow. We wanted to find someone with experience at very short notice, who fits into the traditional Papyrus company culture and is willing to travel regularly to our offices in the Netherlands. We also had to take a limited budget into account.

Profile Group only proposed great candidates

I had worked with Profile Group in the past, and immediately contacted them when this Marketing vacancy became available. We had a very nice and open conversation with the then Marketing Director, who explained the content of the position. As HR Director, I mainly talked about the right attitude we were looking for, because attitude is even more important than experience. I am convinced that experience can be compensated for by internal training. Profile Group quickly understood who exactly we were looking for, and within 2 weeks, they were able to present 2 strong candidates based on publication and search. The first candidate was very good, but had too much potential and would not have been the right match in the long run. The second candidate was a perfect match. Our new colleague is a very good listener, and very creative with small budgets. He is happy with his new job, and in a short time, he has built up a nice relationship with colleagues who had been working at Papyrus for years. He has innovative ideas, and manages to make people look at something in a different way, without brusqueness. He adapts to everyone and everywhere.

A new colleague for marketing and a real HR partner

  1. We have a reinforcement in the marketing department, and a smooth cooperation with the sales department.
  2. Profile Group is a real sparring partner for us. Thanks to open and honest communication, it feels like the consultant is a colleague who works with the company (as an extension of the HR department).

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