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How to prepare for the phone screening? 

8 tips for your success

It’s done, you’ve taken the plunge: you’ve applied for a job offer. Your reflex may be to put this aside, but it is wise to prepare for the next step so as not to be surprised. In this article, I will explain everything about phone screening – that important first step to prepare for a successful recruitment process! 👇

The screening: your first contact with the recruiter   

Once the recruiter has reviewed your CV, they will conduct a phone (or video conference) screening. Synonymous with “pre-selection” or “pre-qualification”, the screening is a preliminary interview that takes place at the very beginning of the recruitment process. The goal for the recruiter is to ensure that the candidate checks all the essential boxes for the role (salary expectations, home-to-work distance, technical qualifications, and relevant experience…) before moving forward in the process, saving time and resources for both parties. 

It is above all an opportunity to stand out 

This call can sometimes come out-of-the-blue at a time when you are not expecting an interview. That’s why it’s important to prepare for it as soon as you submit your application in order to put all the chances on your side.   

I give you all my advice to stand out during this interview: 

Build a relationship with the recruiter

If you know the name of the recruiter, check out their LinkedIn profile. Do you have a common contact? Work experience at the same company? Bring it up in conversation. You will notice that the discussion will become more fluid and natural. 

Learn about the company

You obviously have access to limited information, but be informed about their mission, the product/service they offer, their industry, their news. Want to go one step further? Visit them at trade/job fairs for a first informal contact. You can also identify their presence in employers’ associations (CCI, Federgon …) which regularly organize networking events.

Keep the position in mind

When you apply for several job offers, you may get a little confused, which is perfectly normal. On the other hand, it can make your interviewer feel cold if they realize that the position has not made an impression on you. A little tip: Prepare a note with the key information that you will keep with you for the days following your application. 

Be prepared to explain your motivations

Be concrete, point out the elements that caught your attention and for which you recognize yourself in the job description.   

The conversation can eventually switch to another language

If the ad specifies that a language is essential for the position, the recruiter will probably test you on this skill from the screening stage. Don’t lie on your resume 😉 

Briefly explain your professional background

It can be tempting to go over every detail of every work experience. Not a good idea. On the one hand, it suggests that you lack the ability to synthesize, and on the other, that you don’t fully understand the position and what it entails. If your career has spanned several years, identify key projects that can demonstrate your ability to take on this new challenge. Make a clear link between your past experiences and the position to be filled. 

It’s also your screening

You also want to know if this opportunity is right for you. Prepare a list of questions to determine if this position meets your sine qua non conditions. Be prepared to talk about your salary expectations, your ambitions, what you want and especially what you no longer want. You can also ask questions about the company and its structure, its culture, its atmosphere, all the things that are dear to your heart. 

Humility is your best ally

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Being aware of them shows that you have the will to become the best version of yourself but also that you know how to show empathy and understanding. In addition, even if the purpose of this interview is to learn more about you, listen to your interviewer and give them the opportunity to express themselves. 

You now have all the cards in hand to succeed in this phone interview! You haven’t applied for a job yet? Discover all our open positions here.

See you soon! (Maybe during a phone screening, who knows? 😉) 

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