Our presentation at HR Tech

Recruitment Technology that gets you chosen

Recruitment software impacts both the candidate and recruiter experience. Our first ATS (built in 2003) was built to help recruiters rapidly “deselect” candidates. In many cases, on purpose, creating barriers to stop people applying easily. The thinking was ‘if you want to work for us , you should be motivated enough to jump through our hoops’. It made perfect sense when you had so many candidates available. The candidate used to be happy to compete to join your company. That’s not true anymore.

We can agree that the current market needs a make-over, where the focus lies on having clear internal communication lines, focusing on employer value and strengthening the human connection with the talent we are looking to hire. All this while continuing to make the process as efficient as possible. Time to digitize to humanize your recruitment!

When selecting recruitment software, the bottom line is that you should choose a tool that gets you chosen: a tool that supports recruiters in rapidly getting them to candidate dialogues and a tool that supports candidates in providing an optimal user experience. Last but not least: a tool that provides great HR analytics that show you clear KPI’s and quality information to make ongoing improvements.

At Profile Group we also asked ourselves how we could improve our job ads. The consequence of doing this is that we now manage to get 5 times more candidates than before! We are now evangelists in helping companies attract candidates that are looking for jobs. We not only get more candidates – we improve the quality and the hires.

In the presentation below, you will be given more details about our new methodology for writing job ads as well як ваше програмне забезпечення для підбору персоналу – Talent Finder – може покращити вашу привабливість.


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