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Make your recruitments visible and attractive!

10 tips to convince talents #7

Tip#7 – Make your recruitments visible and attractive!

Posting a job ad remains the right approach

89% of companies still use job ads to communicate their recruitment needs. But some are now wondering whether advertising on a job board is still effective, whether it is still possible to stand out in a crowd of other jobs and above all how to get more candidates to apply?

You did make the right decision in choosing to publish your advert: it is still the best way to increase its visibility and reach an importance share of the candidate market.

  • Between 10% and 15% of employees are actively looking for a new job, but a larger number still consult job ads regularly
  • Job boards are investing huge amounts of money to increase their visibility and you are benefiting from this investment
  • Being present on the ‘active’ market, i.e. candidates who are actively looking for a new job, is a must: more than 5 million job seekers visit job boards each month in Belgium
  • Talking to a candidate who is looking for a new opportunity is easier than chasing and convincing someone who is happy in its position or at least has not yet decided to leave

However, it is important to get it right and here are a few tips:

  • It is key to have a multi-channel approach:

    publishing your advert on a single site is a mistake because it limits your visibility. Also today it is possible to easily access all job boards in 1 click. This is what we offer with Talent boost, our ‘self-recruitment’ solution

  • Your need to understand the specificities of the role and to choose the right complementary job boards. Our Talent boost team can recommend that you complete your market coverage with specialized sites if necessary
  • Focus on increasing your conversion rate: this implies publishing a real job offer and not just a job description. A proper job offer is nice, attractive, it makes people want to get to know you, to be part of the team, it says a lot, but it doesn’t say everything to make people want to apply, it gives them a sense of your corporate culture, it shows them your values…
    1. Give your advert a strong title that will speak to potential candidates as it highlights in a few words the meaning of the job and the company’s mission.
    2. Then talk about yourself, who you are as an employer, beyond just mentioning your industry: what’s great about working for you and especially for the team that recruits?
    3. Avoid company-specific jargon: choose a job title and list the essential tasks so that they are understood by everyone
    4. Forget about the concept of ideal profile and focus on the criteria (skills/experience) that are absolutely necessary to perform the role. The rest? If the candidate knows how to do it that’s great, if not then it becomes training and learning opportunities and… that’s great!
    5. Remember that in “job offer” is the word “offer“. What do you have to offer that is special? Why is joining your company necessarily better than joining your competitors? Whether it’s the salary package (salary and benefits), the flexibility of the work hours, the homeworking rules, your training policy, your social mission or your DNA: reveal yourself with sincerity and authenticity instead of using clichés. The Talent boost expert is also here to help you build your offer in a powerful way and thus enable you to put forward all the key arguments.
  • Spread your job offer widely beyond the job boards:

    on your website, on your social networks, internally, but also think about dedicated websites. The more visible your advert is, the greater your chances of finding the person you are looking for and the more you will develop your goodwill with job seekers.

  • Work on your recruitment process:

    reply to candidates who have applied, even if there is no match. They may be perfect for a future recruitment! The recruitment process is now key to attract your ideal candidate, so using an ATS or recruitment software can help organise your recruitment in less time but with more professionalism. That’s why Talent boost offers you free access to an ATS.


That’s great but you don’t have time!

It takes time to make your job offer visible and to make candidates want to apply. Whether you’re an SME with or without a dedicated recruiter, a large company with entire teams dedicated to talent acquisition, or a company somewhere in between, we know you don’t always have that time on your hands. And yet, you’re probably aligned with our advice… that’s why we created Talent boost, a solution that puts the challenge of job visibility at its heart. Would you like to know how our experts help you position your jobs, optimise them, publish them and give you all the cards to give candidates the maximum amount of time? Contact us!

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