Hans Verheij

Hans Verheij

Executive Search Partner & Assessment Manager
Executive Search

Who am I?

I was born in the Netherlands but have lived in Brussels since 1986. After so many years, I almost feel Belgian. Life in Belgium is great! My wife and 2 sons share this opinion!

My experience in recruitment and assessments

I became a part of Profile Group in May 2002, bringing with me a wealth of experience as a recruiter dating back to 1996. Throughout my career, I successfully recruited for a diverse range of companies, both small and large, located in Belgium and other EU countries. My expertise extends across various professional levels, including experts, mid-managers, senior managers, and executives. My professional journey has taken me through diverse sectors such as logistics, healthcare, chemical and manufacturing industries, financial institutions, EU Associations etc. I have successfully recruited for positions (analysts, experts, specialists, managers, directors …) in finance, marketing, sales, Regulatory Affairs engineering, and logistics.

In my role as the Assessment Manager at Profile Group for the past 10 years, I have devised interactive exercises that uncover competencies not easily revealed through traditional testing or interviews. I also conduct training sessions for my colleagues on leading assessments and composing comprehensive candidate reports. My approach with individuals is marked by a positive outlook, aiming to empower them to showcase their strengths. Based on feedback from clients and candidates, it is evident that I genuinely assist candidates in presenting their best selves, even in challenging situations.

My approach

Recruitment holds equal importance for both businesses and candidates. It’s not just about filling a position; it’s about empowering individuals to shape their future. The cornerstone of success lies in establishing trust. While I, like all professional recruiters, prioritize active listening and transparent communication, my personal approach embraces a no-nonsense attitude to cut to the chase. This allows us to delve into the core issues and uncover the truth, whether from the candidate or the hiring manager.

My distinctive sense of humor plays a pivotal role in fostering informal relationships, breaking down barriers, eliminating distance, and ensuring no topics are off-limits. In most cases, this approach enables me to challenge conventional perspectives on the situation, assess opportunities critically, and guide individuals in making well-informed decisions. It’s at this point that I can genuinely deliver substantial added value.

Some key profiles I recruited

Some testimonials from candidates

Katrien Lueke

Policy Analyst at EDFI

I have had the great pleasure of being accompanied by Hans throughout a recruitment process. Overall, the selection procedure was very transparent and well organised. I appreciated having Hans as a “neutral broker” between me, as a candidate, and the recruiting organisation. Thanks to our open conversations, I could sharpen my understanding of the position and how it fits to my profile. I especially appreciated the continued availability and support of Hans in case of questions or concerns. Even if I had not been chosen for the position, I would have been very grateful for having gone through the different recruitment stages with Hans. Due to the comprehensiveness of the assessment, I learned more about myself and about how to approach selection processes. My sincere thanks for everything!

Chethinie Gunaratne

Office Manager at EDFI

In Belgium, a country where the majority of people think it is not easy to find an English speaking job, I forwarded my very first CV to Profile group. I was amazed at how efficient and responsive they were. Working with Hans as my consultant was a joy. He coached me and guided me through the interview process and I was able to get the very Job I wanted at my very first try. I will recommend Profile group and working with Hans to anyone without a doubt!

Some testimonials from clients

Christopher Boden

Sales & Marketing Manager Customer Analytics at FedEx Express

Hans has been an excellent business partner who I have worked with over the last 5 years for the recruitment of various analyst roles. He has been very adaptive and is able to fine tune his selectoin criteria and processes to meet the characteristics that I have been looking for and subsequently provides me with good quality candidates.

Hans Lepelaars

International Sales Director at ASC INSTRUMENT

Hans has a good grip on what is required to make a successful fit between a company and a candidate, not only from a skills/competencies point of view, but also from the fit-in-the-team and company culture side. Good listener, good and open communication and long term success oriented.

Luuk Zonneveld

Chair of the Board of Directors at EDFI

I highly appreciate the personal commitment of Hans. He pro-actively contacted me regularly to ensure the efficient and successful recruitment procedure, he kept in contact with the long- and short-listed candidates and was helpful in discussing candidates’ suitability for the function in question.
The job profile for the function was very specific, it was not like recruiting for a generalized function like teacher or bookkeeper, making it challenging to recruit and assess applicants.
Hans submitted a diverse initial long list to us. Because of our feedback Hans gained better insight in the exact candidate profile we were looking for, which helped him in his recruiting and initial assessment.
Relaxed and informal in the best sense of these words. I could call him whenever I wanted, and he was almost always available. The informal character of the cooperation made it easy to quickly get to the point, talk frankly and progress well.

What I like about Profile Group

From the very first interview with Andrew Simmonds in 2002, I felt like I was coming home. Not only the homely and casual atmosphere of the interview room (with comfortable seats), the delicious coffee, but also the warm welcome from Andrew, made me feel like I could be myself. As a consultant, Andrew gave me lots of freedom in completing my job and meeting my targets. He was and still is open to new ideas and he encourages this. Profile Group has grown considerably since 2002 and has adapted to the market and its needs. The challenges we face as consultants have always fascinated me and still encourage me to give my best. In 2023, there will be 50 of us. Everyone knows each other. There is a lot of collaboration on the assignments and projects and a lot of laughter! I find that very important, because in our job you must be able to put things and events in perspective!