Gaëtane Trigallez
HR Director - Automatic Systems

“Profile Group fully met my expectations. I can only confirm their professionalism and seriousness in our true collaboration.”

Automatic Systems

What was the challenge you had when you met us?

I was looking for a company with which I could establish a real partnership to support us in terms of recruitment in the long term.

Have you found it?

Truly invested in understanding the company (mode of operation, particularities of the teams), the Profile Group consultant has always been attentive to our expectations and needs. We share a long-term vision of our recruitment strategy and in a demanding job market, this contributes to increasing the quality of our processes.


What our clients say

Luuk Zonneveld
Chair of the Board of Directors - EDFI

Why do you like to work with us? I highly appreciate the personal commitment of the Profile Group (PG) expert, Hans, I worked with. He pro-actively contacted me regularly to ensure the efficient and successful recruitment procedure, he kept in contact with the long- and short-listed candidates and was helpful in discussing candidates’ suitability for the function in question. What were the recruitment challenges you, as head of the recruitment committee, had for the search for the new General Manager for EDFI? The job profile for the function was very specific, it was not like recruiting for a generalized function like teacher or bookkeeper, making it challenging to recruit and assess applicants. How has PROFILE GROUP answered these challenges? PG/Hans submitted a diverse initial long list to us. Because of our feedback PG/Hans gained better insight in the exact candidate profile we were looking for, which helped PG in its recruiting and initial assessment. What was it like to work with Hans in the search for the General Manager? Relaxed and informal in the best sense of these words. I could call him whenever I wanted, and he was almost always available. The informal character of the cooperation made it easy to quickly get to the point, talk frankly and progress well. What appeals to you in PROFILE GROUP’s service? It’s no-nonsense approach, efficiency, and quality. Why would you recommend Profile Group/Hans as Executive Search partner? Because such searches are always more complex in terms of profile sought and delicacy of process, and Hans is an excellent partner with the necessary capacity to listen to me as a client, patience, discretion, and tact.