Gaëtan Strimelle
COO - Genesis Consult

“A relevant training given by an experienced and motivating consultant who does not hesitate to share anecdotes and give individual advice.”

Genesis Consult

Our challenge

Our objective was to bring technical and behavioural skills to our internal recruitment team so they could manage and drive the full recruitment process with solid assertiveness.  

Workshops to coach our team

The Profile Group consultant set up 2 training sessions in a workshop format in order to coach our team on the critical importance and relevant approach for the LinkedIn candidate search tool as well as on the optimisation of the job postings in order to create a strong value proposition. 

Optimisation of time and teamwork

As a result, the team is now working in a more cohesive way and is quite capable of making the most of the time spent on Linked in, optimizing the time on the phone with a candidate and during the hunt on Linked In, writing an attractive candidate email, stating the "Selling Points" of working at Genesis Consult and analysing its team KPIs. 


What our clients say