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What was your challenge when you met us?

We needed to find a Managing Director with managerial experience and an affinity with our key activities as a communications agency specialising in multimedia content with a loyal client base, and to do so relatively quickly.

Can you explain the solution provided?

In a similar case, Nathalie Hautphenne had already provided a solution that was both rapid and effective. The monitoring of the candidates and the consultations, both with the applicants and with us, took place under the best possible conditions, marked by a constant concern to refine the skills required and the match with possible candidates. Nathalie's warm, attentive and diligent style both impressed us and encouraged us to trust her in this special world of recruitment.

Can you share your results with us?

Not surprisingly, with her experience and intuition, her follow-up and perseverance, Nathalie was able to submit a short list of five interesting and interested candidates to us fairly quickly.

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Nathalie Hautphenne

Nathalie Hautphenne

Senior Recruitment Expert

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