Cynthia Prosdocimi
Talent Acquisition Manager - John Cockerill

“A real partner who is constantly looking for ways to improve.”

John Cockerill

What was the initial challenge?

At John Cockerill, we work in project mode. So we needed to be flexible, to be able to adapt the Talent Acquisition team in the event of a recruitment peak.

An RPO also brings us expertise and professionalism in selection tools and processes. RPO consultants are experts, they have a global view of the state of the market and a better visibility of the candidate market.

What solution has been implemented?

Outsourcing the recruitment process via an RPO with a team of recruiters integrated within John Cockerill.

The process begins as soon as the recruitment request has been validated. First there is direct contact with the manager to understand his or her needs. This is followed by sourcing through a targeted approach and in-depth interviews with selected candidates. For each recruitment, a shortlist of candidates matching the expected profile is sent to the manager and interviews are organized. RPO consultants also submit a proposal for collaboration and negotiate with the finalist candidate.

What are the key results of this solution?

The key figure is the number of people hired. We have hired 250 people in 2022 and between 130 and 150 in 2023.

But the benefit of this RPO is also the partnership that has been created with the Profile Group team. There's a real common search for solutions. We're not just their customer. There's a willingness on their part to get involved in the life of John Cockerill and in talent acquisition. It goes further than just taking care of recruitment. There's a search for improvement and proposals for solutions.


John Cockerill

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