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The consulting train has left - Are you onboard?

10 Tips to convince talent #8

In recruitment, there is this habit of always relying on job advertising or headhunting to find the right talent. It is time to move away from this mindset, or risk losing a promising market segment, that of consultancy.  

Candidates already made their choice  

The candidate market has changed. Linear careers are over and more and more talents are moving to consulting/freelance status. Federgon indicates a growth of 11% in 2021 for the turnover of this sector.  

Think about the Maslow’s pyramid. Motivators to work are now going beyond physiological and safety needs. People are looking for self-actualization. They want to learn and to develop their potential while having a strong need for work-life balance. Expectations have evolved, and consulting meets them all: flexibility, freedom to choose projects, variety in challenges… 

You may be missing out on top talent 

In addition to meeting the needs of the candidates, freelancing consultants have a great added value for companies. This is where you will find the top talents from now on.  

They have a strong and precise expertise, which allows them to provide fast results. Federgon sums up this idea well: “The right person in the right place at the right time”. Indeed, consultants are continuously trained and their skills are therefore always up to date. This ensures a high-level time-to-performance. At the same time, it is assured that they will have the right competences and will therefore lead to less recruitment failures. According to HR Voice, a casting error can lead to a cost of between €45,000 and €100,000.  

They are directly available. It is an ideal alternative when a replacement is needed or when a vacant position must be filled urgently. They represent a fallback solution and allow you to take your time to find the pearl you are looking for on a permanent contract. In the same idea, they can also represent a buffer to respond to peaks of activity or to a temporary overload. It avoids precarious contracts, which can be an unsatisfactory hiring solution for many candidates.  

They are objective. Consultants are new to the company and will remain so since they won’t be here for a long period of time. Moreover, their different experiences in many other firms allow them to solve issues in innovate ways. The dynamics they will bring to your company will undoubtedly motivate your teams.  

Open yourself to new possibilities 

It is now undeniable that the best talents can be found among consultants/freelancers. Are you doing what’s important to attract those talents?  

We can help you with our MSP service. We manage and recruit this external workforce on your behalf. You expose your need, we provide you the perfect match. Contact us, we will be happy to help you! 

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