Julia Remacle

Julia Remacle

Recruitment Expert

Who am I?

I graduated from the University of Liège with a degree in Human Resources Management in 2018, and began my professional career in recruitment with a large Liège-based company. I stayed there for 5 years, where I was able to recruit a large number of employees of all profiles (blue-collar, white-collar and management).

Jovial and optimistic by nature, I always see the glass as half full and adapt easily to new situations.

My experience in recruitment

During my studies, recruitment wasn’t my preferred field, but I found meaning in it when I entered the world of work, discovering not human resources but “human wealth”. Indeed, what would a company be without its employees? That’s why I’m so passionate about recruitment: reconciling the needs of clients and candidates, so that there’s “the perfect match” and something in it for everyone.

What I like about Profile Group

Having joined Profile Group at the end of November 2023, I’ve already noticed that the professionalism of the consultants, the team spirit, the fun and the respect for each other are all there for the taking. Profile Group gives each consultant the opportunity to develop and evolve in a stimulating and rewarding work environment. Excellent onboarding and colleagues who helped me to overcome any doubts I had about making the transition from one job to another. Many thanks to them!