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Talentfinder is more than just a tool as we know what it takes:

Talent tool

your ATS to manage your recruitment process​

Talent team

for recruitment advice (related or not to the tool)

Talent boost

your recruitment campaign on all job sites + any other relevant ones​
Focused on 5 pillars
  1. Hyper modularity: The Tool is designed for all sorts of organizations from small to very complex and to any process. This means it is customisable at many levels: workflows, user rights, even for each job, screens, templates, communication channels, reports... Also, every single part of the tool has an ‘on & off’ option. Finally, we bring flexibility through our team who is there to take your feedback and help you. 
  2. Talent quality: Many automations reduce your admin burden so you can focus on finding a great talent. Also, in our latest version, we use AI for a faster and more reliable matching between CVs and job descriptions. This means that the tool creates a qualified list of the best candidates based on a scoring system. This implies you save a lot of time. This also enables an easier search in your database which implies massive cost savings.
  3. Candidate experience: The tool gives every candidate an easy and long-term access with the best opportunity to showcase her/himself. It also supports positive interactions along the way hence increasing your chances to engage and convince talent to join your team. The tool can therefore positively contribute to your employer brand. 
  4. High quality & dedicated support: Beyond the personalised onboarding program, the library of tutorials and the live chat, you benefit from the ongoing support of a dedicated tri-lingual team. Your customer support will be there to answer any of your technical questions, organise extra training or listen to your suggestions to improve the tool or the process. The account manager is there to give advice, share best practise and ensure we do support in your ongoing challenges. 
  5. Fully secure & GDPR compliant by design: The tool is using top security protocols guaranteeing a secure access. We also have an easy management of the access rights. The tool has been designed considering the new GDPR rules, so the database is highly protected, and we have put in place all relevant procedures. It is for example possible to opt for a ‘one job only’ when applying for a job). 
Our added value:
  • An online recruitment software that requires no installation
  • Customized (by us, for you) to fit your own recruitment process
  • Totally branded: you get a great career page seamlessly integrated in your company website
  • Delivered in 2 working days
  • Easy to use for you with a lot of one-click predefined (bulk) actions
  • Loved by candidates: easy application process, reply guaranteed, mobile ready access…
  • Loved by recruiters: easy communication with colleagues and candidates, HR analytics, customizable workflow, on demand support, auto-built database…
  • Loved by your legal department as it is GDPR compliant
  • Always adaptable to always fit your needs
How does it work?