Emilie Anselme

Emilie Anselme

MSP Expert

Who am I?

As a graduate with a Master’s degree in Human Resources, recruitment has always been a sector in which I wanted to develop. I’ve been working in this field since September 2021. I’m learning a lot every day, working with a great team!

My experience in recruitment

Before joining Profile Group, I worked as an HR Consultant, where I had the opportunity to recruit and manage profiles for the temporary sector. Since joining Profile Group, I have held the position of MSP Inhouse Consultant at John Cockerill. I’m in charge of recruiting external staff, consultants and freelancers, to meet the company’s needs.

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What I like about Profile Group?

What I like about Profile Group is the warm atmosphere that reigns within the team. Working in a positive and friendly environment is very motivating and encouraging. I’m also lucky enough to meet and work with a wide variety of people. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and develop professionally, which is extremely gratifying.