Loubna El Yaakoubi

Loubna El Yaakoubi

Recruitment Expert

Who am I?

I am a human resources professional with 3 years’ work experience in this field. I started my career as an HR Officer in a company in the energy sector before joining Profile Group a year ago. I currently work as an in-house recruiter for John Cockerill, a company with which Profile Group collaborates.

My experience in recruitment

I have acquired solid expertise in recruitment as I have been actively involved in a variety of recruitment processes, from advertising vacancies to shortlisting candidates, interviewing and checking references. My experience as HR Officer in a company in the energy sector has enabled me to develop specific skills in the field of Human Resources.

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What I like about Profile Group?

What I particularly appreciate about Profile Group is the family-like atmosphere that prevails within the company. Working in an environment where professional relationships are warm and supportive greatly contributes to my professional growth. At Profile Group, I have had the opportunity to work closely with colleagues and clients, which has strengthened my sense of belonging and fostered a pleasant working atmosphere.