Kicker in Chief (or Managing Director) - KickCancer

“HR is probably THE most complicated thing for small teams - the wrong hires will mar the whole work atmosphere. The Profile Group really helped us to make our team grow with the right people with the kind of mindset we were looking for. We really owe them part of our current success.”


A major change within a small team

We had a difficult time understanding what our HR needs were and what type of profile we should be looking for - as we are a young, small and organically growing organisation. We consulted the Profile Group when we had to grow from a team of 2 to 3 - meaning that the balance in the relationships and coordination had to change significantly. Then they helped us grow from 3 to 4 - again a "major" change within a small team.

Who did we need to recruit?

The Profile Group has helped us define every type of task and the level of expertise needed for it and understand us how we functioned to identify the type of personality that we needed.

We really owe them part of our current success.

The Profile Group proposed us several candidates - all of them very capable and motivated. They were able to underline the major strengths of each candidate which helped us a lot in the final stages of the selection.


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