Benoit Evrard
General Manager SEPTEO Belgium - Septeo

“We have been able to develop a relationship of trust, which is characterised both by a certain harmony (we communicate well with each other), and by a level of professionalism that we expect from a recruitment agency.”


The challenge before Profile Group

We were in the process of launching a brand on the Belgian market, in a market we knew well but as a startup. The idea was to bring in skills that were mainly commercial to begin with. So the first projects with Profile Group were mainly commercial, and then we gradually introduced a new software brand on the Belgian market.

Talentpack is a good approach when you have time to devote to recruitment

We started with a Talentpack. That wasn’t my first experience with a recruitment agency but up to that point, my recruitment process was a bit more rudimentary, we would publish vacancies ourselves on the FOREM and other websites. So this was the first time I decided to completely outsource a recruitment drive. The Talentpack seemed like a good approach as I had time to devote to recruitment. Strategically, it was also important for me to have a first-class commercial resource in this context, so that was the option we chose.

We’ve recruited a lot of people!

We’ve recruited a lot of people, we’ve filled a lot of vacancies. There were quite a few because it spread to Genapi at SEPTEO. We started with 4 employees and now SEPTEO Belgium has 50. Not all of them were recruited by Profile Group, but this shows the extent of the partnership. Today, we have a team of 50 people, two companies targeting vertical markets in the field of ERP software, plus sales teams, as well as technical and development teams, and they are all still here. Then of course there is also an element of market volatility for certain roles, but that is because of the particular market and the roles. And most importantly, thanks to this long-term, close partnership, Profile Group has really got to grips with our values. Now, when we need anything, Profile Group can get moving immediately, without the need for another 4-hour debriefing on the vacancies, because we know each other, they know our values and how we operate. We have also analysed common past mistakes so that we can manage turnover better, and Profile Group is working with us on that.


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